Three Strikes And You’re Out Is Always In With Me

I’m a HUGE fan of “three strikes and you’re out” legislation because it stops career criminals from walking in and out of our revolving door court system and keeps them behind bars where they belong. But of course, no matter how successful a policy is, there are always people who want to change it….

“It’s been 10 years since California enacted the “three strikes” law mandating sentences of 25 years to life for repeat serious or violent offenders. But some say it’s time for the no-exceptions enforcement to be loosened.

Since the three-strike policy became law, the state’s crime rate has dropped almost 50 percent, despite a one-third increase in population. Critics say the law casts too wide of a net, sweeping up thousands of petty criminals and shoplifters and putting them away for decades.”

I don’t care if they’re non-violent; if they’re habitual criminals, they belong in a cage. And let’s be realistic here — if they’ve been caught three times, they probably managed to evade the law dozens and dozens of times before they finally slipped up and got pinched.

So how much sense does it make to let a crook out of jail who’s going to make a living shoplifting or doing daylight burglaries to support his crack habit? How much time and money will the police spend investigating their crimes? What does it cost to replace the goods they steal? Most importantly, what do you say to the parents of a kid who gets raped or murdered by some thug with a record as long as your arm? “Sure, we’ve arrested him 15 times, but his offenses were non-violent so we thought it was OK to let him roam free?”

Let the “activists” say what they want; America would be a better place to live if we had “Three Strikes” laws in every state. The less career criminals we have on the street, the better…

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