Time Is Running Out For Andrea Clark

I spoke to Andrea’s sister, Melanie Childers, again today to get an update on what’s happening. To begin with, she said that a lot of pro-life people have been calling the hospital and she thinks it’s having a real effect on them. She said that she hopes people keep it up. (The contact page for St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital is here. If you call, no matter how upset you may be, make sure to be polite).

I asked Melanie if the family had talked to Andrea since our last conversation. She said they had and that Andrea had asked for a whopper from Burger King =). But, she said when they told her that the hospital was going to pull the plug on her on Sunday, she became, as you’d imagine, very upset and angry.

Melanie promised to keep me updated on what’s going on and as I know more, you’ll know more. But, the deadline is still Sunday and unless something changes, that will be the last day of Andrea Clark’s life.

Other than calling them, praying, and trying to get the word out, I’m not sure what else we can do right now.

PS #1: I confirmed with Melanie that it’s “Clark,” not “Clarke.” Andrea said she tends to errantly slap an “e’ on her sister’s last name for some reason.

PS #2: There have been conflicting reports about whether Andrea can actually speak. Melanie said that she’s had a trach and because of that, she has to mouth her words. So, she can clearly make her wishes known, but she can’t actually speak out loud.

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Update #1: For anyone who hasn’t heard this story before, here’s a short recap:

Andrea Clark is an insured, conscious patient at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston who is going to be pulled off dialysis and a respirator on Sunday, against her wishes and the wishes of her family, because she has a heart condition and the hospital has deemed her treatment to be medically futile.

Her family and lawyer are trying to change the hospital’s mind and are also trying to get her transferred before the deadline, but so far, they don’t have another hospital willing to take her. So, unless something changes, Andrea Clark has until Sunday to live.

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