Time to Mess with John’s Stuff

Hey! It’s your favorite J, Frank J. of IMAO, reporting for guest blogging duties. Right now, I only have posting privileges here, but I’ll look into hacking MoveableType and see what else I can do with this site.

Anyway, I have a cool, thought-provoking post I’m working on as a Right Wing News exclusive, but, for now, I’ll just plug my blog and my book.

Gavin M. of the left-wing (boo!) site Sadly, No! (which should probably be renamed “Unfunny? Yes!” – Ha! I’ve been waiting a while to unload that gem) was crying for attention, and Cadet Happy, the designated IMAO photoshopper (whose work can be seen in this post from the previous time I guest-blogged here), has accepted the challenge of a photoshopping duel. After a few rounds, IMAO plans to declare victory and begin the occupation of Sadly, No!.

Also, The Chronicles of Dubya Volume 1: The Defeat of Saddam, a compilation of my In My World™ posts, is now available. If you don’t already know that my In My World™ posts are the funniest things ever, John Hawkins did a quote round up a long while ago (the book quotes will be a bit different since now these posts have all been actually proofread and edited). Also, you can read a sample at NTM Publishing and then buy the book. If you buy a signed copy, five dollars goes to Spirit of America which gets matched by an anonymous donor so a total of ten dollars gets donated. So now you can get teh funny and support the troops.

Enough plugging; I’m going to get to writing now and seeing if I can change the Right Wing News logo…

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