Tinseltown Trotskyites Glorify Seattle Riots

Always digging for new lows, the caviar-munching radicals infesting Hollyweird are currently inflicting Battle in Seattle, a movie devoted to eulogizing the infantile thugs who rioted at the WTO conference in 1999 in protest against free trade, capitalism, their parents, and civilization in general.

This disgraceful episode in our nation’s history is a cause for celebration for limousine leftists like director Stuart Townsend, who eggs on his fellow trendoids to further antisocial behavior on behalf of The People, while screeching for an end to private control of the already left-leaning media.

While Tinseltown phonies help smelly trustafarians celebrate the righteous blow they struck against America by behaving like a herd of wild savages, Seattle businesses suffered a loss of up to $18 million in sales and $3 million in property damage. But presumably only capitalists were affected.

As LT Nixon remarks:

If these people are so upset with the horrors of capitalism, feel free to move to North Korea…I’ll even pay for the ticket! As far as the “real” heroes of modern protests, it has to be the small business owner and his employees who have to clean up the feces and broken glass left behind by these wretched protestors. Of course no one in Hollywood is making a movie about those poor guys, because business is evil…unless you’re mass-marketing a multi-million dollar movie.

Next Hollywood might want to make a video tribute to the animals who attacked people for being white during the Rodney King riots. Good thing folks like Townsend tend to have very high walls around their mansions.

At least the movie’s release this month is timely. If America refrains from slitting its own wrists in November, look for rioting to become trendier than ever. At least the practice makes clear how the battle lines are drawn. On one side: civilization; on the other: its enemies.

Boldly confronting capitalist oppression.

Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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