To Be or Not To Huckabee

I say “Not” to Huckabee, but my opinion seems to be out of fashion with a chunk of Christian conservatives. A few days ago, I said that Huckabee reminds me of Jimmy Carter:

Jimmy Carter wore his folksy, unforgiving morality on his sleeve disguised as Christianity when it was just a method to intimidate people of lesser moral stature (anyone who disagreed with him). Like Carter, Huckabee loves government solutions. The government can make everything better, he believes. That stands in stark contrast to the considerable evidence to the contrary.

I consider myself Christian, conservative with a long libertarian streak. The religious talk tires me. It’s not that it doesn’t matter, but I don’t give a baboons butt that Huckabee may or may not have a theology degree. It doesn’t sway me at all. In fact, it makes me more suspicious of him, if anything.

So, in the last week or so, other Conservatives (and even some Moderates) have expressed anti-Huckabee opinions. But will the primary voters care?

And a commenter replied:

I’m all for a humble president. I don’t know much about Huckabee, but humility and folksiness reminds me of Abraham Lincoln. But maybe the era of that kind of president is long past. Who really cares about the ‘regular’ (small) people anymore?

I’m a little worried that more than a few conservatives are worrying about “the little guy”. Where did this come from? It seems manifestly liberal to expect the government to solve our problems. It’s one thing that bothered me about George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservative” as if it’s a new thing that conservatives have compassion. Compassion comes from believing that people are capable of making their own best decisions. The government has never struck me as very compassionate–try to get your drivers license or Medicaid bill taken care of.

I’m hoping that Huckabee is this elections Howard Dean, but I’m afraid he might be the new Jimmy Carter. If you’ll recall, Jimmy Carter won the presidency and managed to a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Please, please, let it NOT be Huckabee.

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