To Hell With What Other Nations Think Of Our Leaders

There are a lot of reasons to oppose Barack Obama’s candidacy, but this isn’t one of them,

At a Philadelphia synagogue today, Barack Obama claimed always to have felt a “kinship” with the Jewish community. Add this declaration to the fact that he’s half-black, and that his exposure to Islam as a child and acceptance of Christianity as an adult could cause theologically conservative Muslims to consider him an apostate, and the sum is indisputable. From an identity standpoint, the United States could not send a more provocative leader into negotiations with the Arab Muslim world.

This fact hasn’t interfered with the year-long media fetishization of Obama’s skin tone and cultural affiliations.

…Anti-black racism is rampant in large swathes of the Arab and Muslim world. Apostasy ranks among the highest crimes in the moral outlook of extremist Muslims. The unfettered rise of a black apostate to the country’s highest office would hardly cure a racist jihadist of his resentment toward American openness and prodigality. And once you throw some Jewish “kinship” into the pot, you can bet such feelings will be, in Sullivan’s words, “ratcheted up not a notch, but a logarithm.”

Americans should pick the leader that they believe best represents their interests. What other nations think of whom we choose is absolutely irrelevant.

If “the Arab Muslim world” doesn’t like Obama for whatever reason, so what? If other nations are full of misogynists who would look down on Hillary, just because she’s a woman, screw ’em. The President of the United States is the leader of the free world and the rest of the world doesn’t have to like him or her, but if people need something from the world’s only Super Power, they will learn to respect our POTUS, no matter who that person happens to be.

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