Told You So On Hillary Clinton

“The way they talk about Hillary — you’d almost think she was destined to be President. The mainstream press dotes on her, Republicans fear her, and any cleverly crafted poll that makes her look good gets press for days.

However, she has a critical flaw that certainly makes me unlikely to support her candidacy were I a Democrat: her poll numbers stink.

…Hillary isn’t another Dukakis or Mondale, but she’s not looking like a particularly good candidate either at this point.” — John Hawkins on June 7, 2005

“Hillary is widely assumed to be the Democrats “chosen one” for 2008, a candidate who will easily take the nomination and will be a tough opponent Republicans will be lucky to beat. But, as the days have worn on, I have become convinced that she is a significantly weaker candidate than most think. In fact, not only would I go so far as to say that she probably won’t beat a moderate to strong GOP candidate in 2008, but I’m becoming less and less sure she will even be the nominee for the Democrats.” — John Hawkins on Nov 22, 2005

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From Newsmax:

“By a margin of three to one, Americans say they would “definitely” vote against Hillary Clinton for president, a CNN/Gallup poll released Tuesday has found.

While just 16 percent say they had made up their minds to back Clinton when she seeks the presidency in 2008, 51 percent say there’s no way they want to see the former first lady back in the White House.

Men are the most vehement when it comes to the prospect of another Clinton presidency, with 60 percent telling Gallup they would vote against Hillary for sure.”

Given that Hillary is already well known to most of the American people, those are just atrocious numbers. In fact, I’m almost to the point now where I’m rooting for Hillary to be the Democrats’ candidate in 2008 almost as strongly as I was rooting for Howard Dean in 2004.

But, some of the Democrats are already starting to have second thoughts about her and if her “Joementum” keeps going the way it is now, the Democrats may wise up and abandon her in droves at crunch time just like they did to ole, “Mad How.” Time will tell….

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