Tony Snow Links The “The 3rd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2004 Edition”

Tony Snow has given RWN another mention on his blog,

“Meanwhile, Right-Wing News has published its much anticipated roster of Most Annoying Liberals. Of course, Michael Moore wins, but check out the other contenders! “

It’s nice to know that somebody at Fox is reading RWN every once in a while.

Ted Rall has also taken note of the “annoying liberal” list as well, but predictably, he doesn’t like the list as well as Tony Snow does =D

Ted Rall Named 2004’s #2 Most Annoying Liberal

For the third year in a row right-wing bloggers hellbent on destroying America have declared me one of America’s Most Annoying Liberals. I’ve been named along with such other luminaries as President Al Gore, Oscar winner Michael Moore, Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter and legendary CBS anchorman Dan Rather. As Generalissimo El Busho says, we’re defined by our enemies and I am d@mned proud to be hated by people who hate such admirable patriots.”

HundredPercenter for letting me know about the Rall link.

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