Toronto conservative enters the radical Muslim lion’s den

Toronto blogger Mike Brock went to a public forum yesterday, ostensibly a “debate” about the Mark Steyn/Maclean’s case (Steyn and the mag are accused of “flagrant Islamophobia” for publishing an excerpt from his book America Alone.)

Two of Steyn’s belligerent Muslim accusers spoke at the event. The organizers tried to shut Mike up when they realized he didn’t support their cause.

Luckily he recorded the good parts. One of Steyn’s accusers, a supposedly well-educated young woman, up-talks like a Valley Girl, so it isn’t pleasant listening.

But I’d better get used to it. She and the other law students are determined to be the future leaders of Canada.

If I’m lucky, I’ll die before they achieve that ambition.

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury. Her new book is Acoustic Ladyland.)

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