Trashing Our Soldiers Who Fought In World War 2

It’s bad enough when liberals trash our troops who are fighting far from home to protect this country and to help the Iraqi people towards freedom, but now at least one of them is going after the soldiers who fought and died to defeat the Japanese in WW2. From a weepy, whiny column by James Carroll in the
Boston Globe:

“The Iwo Jima image is sacred precisely because the men lifting up the fallen flag are all but unable to do so. The extremity of their exhaustion, their nearness to defeat, the horrors of what they have been through and of what awaits them are all implied in the painful stretch of limbs, in the rough gear of armored clothing, in the absolute investment each has made in a symbol of something better than himself. Even as the valor of what they did on one beachhead after another is properly honored, the American fighters of the Pacific War were not heroes. The desperation of island combat included exchanged barbarities of which no one would willingly speak for a generation. On the American side, there were foul racism, vengeful refusals to take prisoners, a generalized brutality that extended to a savage air war. To raise the flag at Iwo Jima was to lift the transcendent symbol out of the total hell that the war had become. Few if any men who survived it came home speaking of virtue.”

This may be hard for certain liberals like James Carroll to understand because their views are so twisted by moral equivalence and because their knee jerk reaction is to blame America first, but the Japanese were not just the “other side” in WW2, they were the “bad guys.”

If our troops didn’t act like boyscouts the entire time, so what? That old saying: “It’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game” doesn’t apply to war. In the end, what matters is winning, especially when the price of losing could be the enslavement of your nation.

Moreover, if our troops hated the Japanese, were brutal, and sometimes didn’t take prisoners, they had good reason to do so. They were fighting imperialistic brutes who launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and were bent on world conquest. The very idea that our soldiers in WW2 shouldn’t be given the credit they’re due for their heroism because they weren’t “nice enough” to the enemy is staggeringly moronic.

The American soldiers who fought, bled, and in many cases died to break the Japanese were heroes and they deserve to be spoken of as such instead of being dishonored by some soft-headed liberal hack in the Boston Globe who seems to be deficient not just in judgement, but in patriotism as well.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades HQ for the story.

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