Troops Demoralized by Bush Turkeygate Scandal By Scott Ott

American military morale hit an all-time low this week in the wake of revelations that President George Bush didn’t serve a display turkey to hungry troops during his surprise visit to Baghdad last week. Political experts have already dubbed the episode ‘turkeygate’, and predict that the effect of this latest Bush administration scandal will be even more devastating than the outing of Valerie Plame.

“When I went home after dinner that night, I wrote a letter to my wife about how proud I was to fight for liberty,” said an unnamed Army staff sergeant, “but when I learned that not a single soldier ate the display turkey, even though the president was photographed holding it, my faith in democracy was shattered.”

Another soldier added, “We suddenly realized that we’re risking our lives to defend a lie. He mocked us with the pretty bird, then served us the common steamtable turkey. What good is freedom, if you can’t trust your leaders?”

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