Try This Scenario: One more

Try This Scenario: One more post on the burning topic of the last two days….

Pretend you’re the POTUS for a moment. You get an intelligence briefing tonight and here’s what they tell you…

“Mr. President, one of our sources says al Queda intends to crash a plane into a nuclear plant this summer. Another source says al Queda may try to poison water systems in the South. We also found documents in Afghanistan that indicate al Queda had men training to take over a cruise ship and plant a bomb at an embassy somewhere in Europe. Furthermore, we found a map of the Houston Astrodome in raid we did in Pakistan yesterday. We also think there’s a possibility that al-Queda intends to explode a dirty bomb in American city. Furthermore, a source who’s usually reliable said that he thinks that the terrorists may hit a dam in the Mid-West as well as the Golden Gate Bridge at some point. Plus, one of the men at Gitmo who actually knew Osama said that Bin Laden once asked what type of poison could be inserted into baby milk. (etc, etc, etc, for 30 minutes)

Now if you’re the President, what do you do? Do you ground all the planes because someone might fly one into a nuclear plant? Do you place the National Guard at baby milk factories? Do you put tanks and helicopters around the Houston Astrodome? Or do you just let the appropriate agencies know and perhaps warn targets you may think are in danger? Do you talk to the American people and let them know all of these things are on the radar screen even though it could cause a panic?

Let’s say you do what Bush did with the “Terrorists may hijack planes briefing”, you alert the appropriate agencies about these concerns. Then in August, 12 people die because al Queda inserted poison in baby milk in South Dakota. Suddenly, the press explodes “The POTUS knew of baby milk attacks and DID NOTHING! Why did the POTUS let children die! The POTUS could of stopped baby milk attacks!”

This is exactly what’s happening to GWB right now. But within a few days the truth will come out and the public will understand how silly this criticism is.

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