Turning Our Children French

Turning Our Children French: The ninnies who run Neshaminy School District in Langhorne, PA are going to be working overtime to turn the children who are unfortunate enough to be in their care into little weenies & milquetoasts. Just listen to some of the “Peaceful Playground Project” as described by J.D. Mullane of the Burlington County Times

“…But the Big Thinkers at the Neshaminy School District want to “restructure” recess with something called the “Peaceful Playground Project.”

…”Peaceful Playground” will be adopted by the district’s eight elementary schools in September.

First, something called a “peace maze” will be painted on each playground. Kids at loggerheads with each other will walk the maze’s seven steps of “conflict resolution.”

Neshaminy wants to change recess into “purposeful playtime,” said Marcy Spigler, the district’s “violence prevention coordinator.”

…There will be no team captains in Neshaminy’s schoolyards.

“That’s so there’s no one saying, ‘You know what, you can’t be on my team,’ ” Spigler said.

The new recess games won’t require great physical ability, she said.

For example, in “hoop ball,” kids bounce a ball back and forth to each other, making sure it hits inside a hoop placed on the ground.

The classic hands-on game, “tag,” is replaced with a hands-off version called “Motion Pictures.” In this game, photographs of different points around the school playground are placed in a basket.

A child plucks out a photo, then runs like blazes to it, tags it and returns.

“It still gives them the exercise. They’re running. But we can avoid things like how hard do you tag someone. Nobody gets pushed over. You can play it by yourself,” Spigler said.

Neshaminy is trying to tame recess, to make it accessible to nerds, to make it a place where there are no skinned knees or bloody noses or hurt feelings. No one’s really better than anyone else at anything. Everyone’s “sensitive.”

This is fine, if you want your kid to grow up to be Hans Blix.”

Hans Blix indeed…why don’t we just neuter the children and get it over with? Come on, competition and conflict are part of life. It may not be pleasant for children to lose or to knock heads with other kids, but teaching them to deal with it, not trying to completely shelter them from it is the way to go. That is what real life is like and going to these ridiculous lengths to protect kids from it is a mistake, one that should be very upsetting to their parents…

Hat tip to A Small Victory for finding this one.

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