Twenty-Five Reasons to Love Sarah Palin for VP

There are at least 25 reasons to love Sarah Palin for VP.  Here are mine:

  1. She’s got chief executive experience in government, unlike Obama, Biden and even McCain.
  2. She gives renewed hope to women of America that they will live to see the first woman president.  This is especially touching when it comes to seniors who long to see the glass ceiling broken in their lifetimes.
  3. Sarah Palin doesn’t just talk respect for unborn human life. She’s lived it.  She chose not to abort her son after learning that he had Down’s syndrome.
  4. She will help with energy policy.  She loves Alaska — and still thinks it’s time to drill.  At a time when gas prices are sky high, she’s a sensible voice who understands supply and demand.
  5. She doesn’t just talk supporting the troops. Her son is a soldier.  He leaves September 11th for Iraq.
  6. She’s not afraid of guns.  She hunts and fishes.
  7. Many Hillary Clinton voters will kiss the Democratic Party goodbye and never go back.  Some have already made that choice.
  8. She has a proven track record as a whistle blower and reformer who’s not afraid to take on members of her own party when they cross the line.
  9. So much for the "McCain is just an old white-haired guy" theme.  He’s still old and white-haired, but by his pick he’s demonstrated that his thinking is anything but ossified.  Now he’ll literally have youth and energy on his side.
  10. If Sarah Palin becomes president in due course, her husband the "First Gentleman" really will be a gentleman (in contrast to the philandering spouse another female contender for the presidency proposed to drag along to the White House).
  11. Somehow, against all odds, a Republican in Name Only has picked a conservative VP, energizing the conservative base. 
  12. Leading conservatives, from Mark Levin to Fred Thompson to Mark Steyn (and about a thousand others), are enthusiastically fired up!
  13. She’s a Christian.
  14. Palin can only help McCain with fund raising.  Many checkbooks that had been closed tight are opening wide for McCain.
  15. Sarah Palin’s husband is a real man with many achievements in his own right.
  16. For voters who support Obama because the idea of electing the first black president is exciting, Palin adds counterpoint excitement to the race.
  17. Some of the usual smear tactics of the left will look especially dirty and petty as they try them out on Palin.
  18. Her selection knocked Obama’s convention speech — the "biggest speech of his life" — off the front page, the latest in a series of strategic victories for the McCain campaign (another such victory was Rick Warren’s forum with the two candidates, in which McCain did well).
  19. She’s a young, attractive conservative — just as Obama is a young, attractive liberal.  The left thinks it has a monopoly on young and attractive.  Too bad!
  20. She’s a working woman who’s also loving wife and mother.
  21. She’s an athlete.  She runs marathons.
  22. She knows how to show some dignity and put partisanship on hold when it’s appropriate.  It’s no accident that she mentioned Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton in her speech after being named McCain’s running mate.
  23. She’s from outside the beltway.  Way, way outside the beltway.
  24. She’s from Alaska, a state with a strong libertarian and independent streak.
  25. By her very existence she puts the lie to numerous liberal mantras, such as the notion that women cannot advance without affirmative action; Republicans are sexist; John McCain is out of touch; anyone who loves Alaska’s beauty can’t support drilling in ANWR; mothers of troops in harms’ way want to cut and run from Iraq; and women need government programs to manage marriage, children and work simultaneously.

Of course, the venom and vitriol from the far left have already begun.  No surprise.  It’s their specialty.  The momentum has shifted against them, and they will do anything to get it back.

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