Two years in jail for quoting the Bible online?

Could happen up here in Canada, where the free speech “climate” is frigid at the best of times.

Yes, you read that correctly: the Canadian site is in trouble for re-posting a 5-year-old article from WorldNetDaily!

All it takes is one dedicated trouble making “do gooder” and a website’s owners can be brought to court. You can make a nice bundle of cash doing this and it is all at taxpayer expense and at the expense of those you are suing.

Don’t feel immune, my American friends. “Freedom of speech” is allegedly protected by law up here too. Riiiiiight…. (At least — Kelo aside — you have private property rights — according to our Charter, we don’t.)

The difference between Canadians and Americans is that we Canadians are generally too timid to fight back against this sort of intimidation.

We also don’t have organizations like you do, such as the Thomas More Law Center, that represent people being bullied by the PC police. Our conservative infrastructure is non-existent. No Heritage Foundation, no nothing — our only conservative magazine folded last month.

Please pray for the few of us who are trying to preserve the freedoms we have left, at the risk of personal bankruptcy if we are sued or brought before one of the unelected Commissions in charge of keeping us in line.

It is a trying, exhausting and lonely time.

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