Uday’s Depravity

Uday’s Depravity: Uday Hussein may have been more vile, savage, & evil than even his father. Just reading these excerpts about Uday from an article on Hussein’s sons gave me the willies. I could just imagine living in Iraq before we liberated the country and being at the mercy of this cold-hearted degenerate…

“…Uday (demanded) that the ex-governor bring his daughter and her 12-year-old sister to his next party. “Your daughters will be my girlfriends, or I’ll wipe you off the face of the earth.” The man complied, surrendering both girls.

…A chef at Baghdad’s exclusive Hunting Club recalls a wedding party that Uday crashed in the late 1990s. After Uday left the hall, the bride, a beautiful woman from a prominent family, went missing. “The bodyguards closed all the doors, didn’t let anybody out,” the chef remembers. “Women were yelling and crying, ‘What happened to her?'” The groom knew. “He took a pistol and shot himself,” says the chef, placing his forefinger under his chin.

Last October another bride, 18, was dragged, resisting, into a guardhouse on one of Uday’s properties, according to a maid who worked there. The maid says she saw a guard rip off the woman’s white wedding dress and lock her, crying, in a bathroom. After Uday arrived, the maid heard screaming. Later she was called to clean up. The body of the woman was carried out in a military blanket, she said. There were acid burns on her left shoulder and the left side of her face. The maid found bloodstains on Uday’s mattress and clumps of black hair and peeled flesh in the bedroom. A guard told her, “Don’t say anything about what you see, or you and your family will be finished.”

…According to his chief bodyguard, when Uday learned that one of his close comrades, who knew of his many misdeeds, was planning to leave Iraq, he invited him to his 37th-birthday party and had him arrested. An eyewitness at the prison where the man was held says members of the Fedayeen grabbed his tongue with pliers and sliced it off with a scalpel so he could not talk. A maid who cleaned one of Uday’s houses says she once saw him lop off the ear of one of his guards and then use a welder’s torch on his face.

A family friend says the day Uday discovered the Internet was “a black day for Iraqis,” because he used it to learn of torture methods from other ages and lands that he decided to try. He would lock victims in coffins for days at a time, says the source, or put them in pillories. According to a family friend, he also liked to have offenders beaten on one side. Then he would order medical tests and have the thrashings continue until the kidney on that side had conclusively failed.

…Uday demanded that beautiful women who had sex with his brother be brought to him. In several cases, Shabaan said, Uday also had sex with the woman, then had her branded on the buttocks with a horseshoe, producing a scar in the shape of a U, for Uday.”

When that monster has to do the perp walk in-between two members of US Special Forces or if better yet, he’s found with his brains blown out of the back of his skull, the world will be a better place indeed.

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