UN Troops Don’t Need To Shoot Back?

I thought you might enjoy a few select quotes about what’s happening in Iraq right now from the Guardian’s readership. It was surprising intelligent discussion about the war for a left-wing site, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few bad apples in the bunch…

desertfish: I think the everyone should withdraw their troops, except the Americans. They should fight until the last man, so that world is rid of them in 5 years from today.

Softech: “The proposal that the US/UK stay to make restitution is wrong. They should leave and make restitution. Having them stay to make restitution is like asking a rapist to move in with his victim to make restitution.”

StanleyFeatherstone: “Double Agent Micki Jim Al Sadr is taking orders directly from Mr. Bush, that you can bank on. He’s been a US agent since 1999. I have very credible sources concerning this.

This entire uprising is meant to coincide with the June 30th handover to the “entity” which Bush intends to carry out fully aware of the chaos that will descend upon the country. This will force NATO and the people of Europe to become embroiled in this fiasco while Americans set about getting to the bottom of who’s making excessive profits out of these steady increases at the gas pump that we see here everyday in sunny Southern California.”

And my very, very, favorite response to a question comes from jigme31 in a response to someone who points out how unfeasible it is to use UN troops in Iraq…

Chris: “UN peacekeeping forces”

If the Iraqi renegades are managing to kill US troops with regularity, think how many of those blue-helmeted pansies they’ll kill?

The US troops fire back. The UN troops will just wait to be slaughtered. You want to see a real bloodbath? Kick the US out and invite the UN in.”

jigme31: “UN troops arrive as a result of negotations and do not need to shoot back, at least that is the theory. In the case of Iraq the iraqis are pretty pissed off and it will be difficult ot bring UN troops in, especially with the Bush gang’s ideas on the UN, ready to deflate any attempts at peacemaking …”

Yes, there is nothing wiser than sending in troops thinking they will “not need to shoot back”…

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