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Up And Coming Blogs: As all of you must have figured out, I have to sort through a tremendous amount of material every day to put together the daily news and come up with fresh topics to discuss. Because of that, I often come across a lot of quality blogs that haven’t really made it to the “big time” yet (let’s call 700 – 800 uniques per day “big time”). Well, those blogs deserve a little more attention and who better in the blogging world to give it to them than me? Yeah I know, Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan, James Lileks, Sean Paul Kelley, etc, etc, — in short any of the bloggers who pull more traffic than me. Still, I’m sure none of these blogs will complain about the traffic and if Andrew, Glenn, James, Sean-Paul and company (along with anybody else who takes a notion) link this post on RWN, then maybe I can get more traffic they can help these deserving bloggers as well!

Some of the blogs are “linkers”, meaning that they focus on belting out a lot of posts with minimal commentary. Betsy’s Page, Crooow Blog, Inoperable Terran, & Joyful Christian all fall into that category. Pages like this can become very popular, but it can also be hard for them to get traction at first because they don’t have a lot of content for other bloggers to link directly.

Others seem to have been around a for a long time…well at least for the internet…without getting the credit they deserve. Crooow Blog, The Daily Rant, Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, & Ipse Dixit all probably fall into this category.

I almost decided to leave out some of the blogs that advertise with me, but heck, why should they be penalized for that of all things? Especially when I gave Electric Kate & Zogby Blog free advertising last month because I liked their blogs and had unsold space available. On the other hand, they both bought slots this month (last month was the only time I haven’t sold out the button ads) so I guess it worked out for the best. Solomonia & Ravenwood’s Universe (who has improved his blog a lot recently) both deserve to be mentioned as well.

Then there’s The Lemon. I liked what they were doing so much I asked and received permission to use their material. I’m telling you, they’re funny and they’re going to grow. Take it from someone who said the same thing about IMAO & Scrappleface before they took off.

Israpundit deserves a mention too. There are several well written Israeli blogs, but only Israpundit is updated enough these days to really deserve to make the list.

I also can’t forget Balloon Juice, Conservative Commentary, Hootinian, & Little Tiny Lies. All of them deserve a plug.

So if you’re looking for some excellent new reading material on the web, today’s your lucky day. I’d encourage you to take a look at all of these blogs and see if they’re worth a bookmark.

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