U.S. Forces Capture 12 Wanted Iraqis, And The Beaver By Steve Tanner

BAGHDAD – U.S. Troops conducted a raid Wednesday that lead to the arrest of 13 wanted Iraqis. Authorities say 4 of the arrested may be doubles the ex-dictator used in several public appearances. Sources have revealed one of the doubles may be actor Jerry Mathers, television’s Beaver.

U.S. officials have yet to confirm the rumor, but have released a photo taken at the time of booking. The authenticity of the photo is still under scrutiny.

Jamie Barto, theatrical agent for Mr. Mathers, has only confirmed the actor is working on a project overseas. He added it has been very difficult for Mathers to find work within the states. Monster truck shows do not pay what they use to.

Mathers had denied previous accusation of allegiance to the ousted dictator. Although did admit to having a childhood friendship which began during the early episodes of Leave it to Beaver when Saddam was cast as the original ‘Lumpy’.

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