USA Today Puts A Deanie Spin On Things In Pennsylvania

Ok, first of all, I want you to read the three money paragraphs from this USA Today article about poll numbers in Pennsylvania,

“Presidential hopeful Howard Dean is pulling ahead of the Democratic pack among Pennsylvania voters and is the only candidate to keep President Bush’s support under 50%, according to a poll released Wednesday.
The Quinnipiac University poll shows Dean, the former Vermont governor, holding a double-digit lead in the Keystone State, the nation’s fifth-largest electoral prize. Dean nabbed 28% of the 1,092 registered voters surveyed. Undecided accounted for 18% of the vote — more than those supporting any other candidate.

…Bush led Dean by a margin of 49-43%. The president scored 50% against Lieberman, Kerry and Clark, and 51% against Gephardt, the poll shows.

A slim majority of Pennsylvania voters is upset with the president for rolling back steep tariffs on steel imports more than a year before they were set to expire. The tariffs endeared the Republican president to politically key Rust Belt states, including Pennsylvania, where steelmaking remains a dominant industry. Bush scrapped the tariffs in the face of a $2.2 billion trade war threatened by the European Union.”

Now, guess the headline of the story. Is it, “Bush Beats Top Dem by 6 in Pennsylvania”? Could it be, “Bush Leads in PA Despite Rolling Back Steel Tariffs”? Maybe it’s “Bush Beating All Dems in PA, a Key State Gore Won In 2000”? No, it’s this,

“Poll: Dean leads in Pennsylvania, holds Bush under 50%”

So “Bush under 50%” is part of the headline? What are we talking about here, the over/under on a Las Vegas betting sheet? Did they change the rules of the election when I wasn’t looking and declare the challenger the winner if they can hold the President under 50% of the vote?

No, of course they didn’t. It’s just USA Today inserting a little bit of subtle bias into the article. Isn’t it funny to see the mainstream already starting to twist themselves into pretzels just so they can put a little pro-Dean mustard on things?

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