Vicente Fox: Could You Make It Easier For Mexicians To Enter Your Country Illegally?

When we have the President of Mexico in essence saying that we should tear down walls on the border because it’s getting in the way of their citizens illegally immigrating here, there should be outrage on Capitol Hill:

“President Vicente Fox said Wednesday that walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, such as one approved last month by the U.S. House of Representatives, “must be demolished” because they are “discriminatory” and “against freedom.”

“No country that is proud of itself should build walls . . . it doesn’t make any sense,” Fox said at a news conference ahead of next week’s meeting in Crawford, Tex., with President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.”

Oh, they’re “discriminatory” because they keep the people in his country from having the “freedom” to illegally enter our country?

You know why the Mexican government can get away with saying things like this, putting out comic books for illegals, and generally encouraging their citizens to illegally cross our borders?

Because we let them.

If Mexico refuses to secure their borders with the US, let’s make them pay for it. We should estimate how much their citizens are dodging in taxes and send them the bill. Then if they don’t want to pay, we can threaten to slap an “illegal alien” tariff on their goods, hold up Mexican trucks carrying goods to the US at the border, or cut off the foreign aid we send to Mexico every year. Either Mexico should be forced to fall in line on this issue or we should put the screws to them economically and diplomatically until they do. The time for using kid gloves with Mexico on this issue should be long since over.

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