Video: Murtha Confronted Over His Haditha Blood Libels By Rusty Shackleford

Hot Air has video of Rep. Jack Murtha being confronted over his blood libels against US Marines over the Haditha incident.

His shameless defense: that the “trial’s still going on.” That’s true in the case of Frank Wuterich, but the charges have been dropped against three other Marines and Murtha made no distinctions between them last year when he accused them of having murdered Iraqis “in cold blood.”

The reason this is a “blood libel” is that the accusation that US Marines are “cold blooded killers” continues to circulate in the Sunni Arab press, and Murtha’s statement is often cited as “evidence” that “every one knows” that Americans routinely murder civilians.

And why is it that many Sunnis join the Islamist “resistance”? Because they are convinced that we are the bad guys. There is a moral imperative to fight Americans because of this kind of propaganda.

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Of course, when our soldiers intentionally kill civilians they are prosecuted. Case in point: Haditha–when even the appearance of wrongful deaths leads to a prosecution.

When their soldiers intentionally kill civilians they are praised. Case in point: a video released by Ansar al-Sunnah–a Sunni Islamist group–this past week showing two civilians murdered by the group.

They’re so proud of these murderers that they make a snuff video showing just how awesome it is to kill civilians!

Thank you Jack Murtha. People like you who slander our troops help our enemies recruit new blood so they can kill your fellow Americans.

This content was used with the permission of The Jawa Report.

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