Video Of The Day: This Is DNN.

This Is DNN is a video that imagines, “What if Today’s Media covered WWII?”

The video is clever and well done, but it was also shorter than I expected at 29 minutes. Although I enjoyed watching the video (and if you’re conservative, you probably will, too), $19.95 seems like a pretty steep price for a 30 minute long video.

Here’s a clip from the video to give you an idea of what it was like:

PS: If Roosevelt would have had to deal with the same sort of treacherous media that Bush has to deal with today, we would have lost.

PS #2: One of the cool things about getting up to a certain size in the blogosphere is that you get free books and videos like this for reviews. Now, if I can get a little bigger — who knows? Maybe I’ll be getting free Nintendo Wiis and Digital Camcorders to review — or maybe not. But hey, a fella can dream, right?

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