Vote Split, Arnold Trails — To An Ex-Member Of A Radical Anti-American Group?

Back on August 8th in a post about the California recall, I said…

“Although we’ll know a little more once all the final candidates are set and the real polling begins, Bill Simon & Peter Ueberroth are going to split the GOP vote and could guarantee that a Democratic victory right from the start.”

Well, that appears to be exactly what’s happening. According to the latest numbers out of California…

“The California Field Poll found 25 percent of registered voters opted for Bustamante followed by 22 percent for Schwarzenegger.

The other candidates trailed in single digits: State Sen. Tom McClintock took 9 percent; businessman Bill Simon won 8 percent; former baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth received 5 percent.”

So the other three Republicans of note in the race are pulling just as many votes as Arnold? I think it’s going to be VERY tough for Arnold to win if that continues to be the case because Bustamante only has to worry about Arianna Huffington stealing his votes and she’s at 4 percent. While the gap between Bustamente & Arnold is small now, I expect it to continue to grow as more left-of-center California voters who are currently undecided realize that Bustamante is their only viable candidate.

However, Tacitus has run across a disturbing article about Bustamante which points out that he used to be a member of M.E.Ch.A, a racist & treasonous anti-American group that actually wants to recapture the land America took from Mexico after the Mexican-American war (California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Kansas). In short, they’re an organization full of wannabe Benedict Arnolds and the fact that Busamante used to be a member makes it questionable whether he’s fit for public service in any capacity in my mind. At the very least, Bustamante should be asked to publicly renounce M.E.Ch.A and what it stands for. Hopefully someone will step up and get this on the radar in California because the public needs to be made aware of this issue.

Hat tip to Instapundit for finding this story.

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