Wake Up, America; It’s Time to Take Our Ball and Go Home — Satire By Frank J.

Every so often in our nation’s history we adopt a policy of strict isolationism due to our fear and ignorance.

It is once again time for such fear and ignorance.

“If it ain’t happening in American borders, we don’t care anymore.” It’s time to admit the obvious: the rest of the world hates us. So, let’s hate them back. Really, what’s worth all this grief we get from dealing with them? Apparently they all enjoy fascism and murder and what not, so leave them to it. The Middle East was just fine having war with itself before we came along (not to mention the meddlesome joooos). Europe thinks it’s so smart, so let’s hand over the keys to the rest of the world to them and declare “If it ain’t happening in American borders, we don’t care anymore.”

Let’s pull American troops out of everywhere and station them around our own borders. Let’s sever all outside communications, no longer take calls from foreign diplomats, and outlaw international flights. “American” will be the only acknowledged form of human communication, and all other attempts at linguistics will be banned. Maps of the world will only show America with “There be dragons here” the only thing said about whatever is outside our borders. Hawaii will be abandoned as it’s just too big an outlier to coincide with our new strict isolationism.

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I know; you think you see problems with this. “Don’t we need stuff from other countries?” you probably ask. Bah! Sure, it’s nice to get cheap plastic trinkets from China, but I bet Mexico can make stuff for us cheap and they’re right next door (hell, half its citizens are already in this country and hanging outside Home Depot). As for oil, if we ever need any we can just invade our neighbor Canada. That would be a nice war that families could participate in on the weekend vacations. And, since at any time many Americans are in Canada as tourists, all we have to do is make sure they’re armed and then we’re occupying the place without a change in status quo. See, all our needs can be met with only dealing with the two countries contiguous to the U.S.A.

But what if terrorists attack again because their god Llama told them too? Then we start nuking places at random (cruise missiles are preferred as we can use those from the comfort of our own home). Our new policy will be that we no longer distinguish between foreigners, so, if we are attacked, it is the fault of all non-Americans. Other countries will soon learn that America is extremely violent when preturbed, and soon they’ll be tripping over each other to make sure that no one ever bothers us.

Space exploration can continue, but we must make it clear that we own space. All astronauts should have knives to stab anyone they see in space who isn’t an American. All countries will know that, if you go into space, America will cut you.

It’s a complex world, and it is time to simplify things. And, if you have a better plan for world peace than not caring about the rest of the world, then I’d like to hear it.

Unless you’re foreign; then I’ll cut you.

This satire was used with the permission of Frank J., a syndicated columnist whose columns appear worldwide on IMAO and is a frequent contributor to IMAOPodcast.com. He is also the author of such books as “Atlas of Countries That Don’t Suck (a.k.a., A Map of the U.S.)” and “The Dummies Guide to Being a Cranky Hermit”.

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