Wall Street Journal Misleads on Immigration

It should come as no surprise that the Wall Street Journal editorial page favors a massive influx of low-skilled immigrants. The Journal’s pro-business mantra suits its readership. However, yesterday’s editorial attacking “restrictionists on the right” was not only misleading, it also failed to accurately critique a new study on the massive public burden these immigrants will have on America.

My Heritage Foundation colleague Robert Rector takes the Journal to task for its hit piece.

Roughly one third of immigrant households are now headed by immigrants without a high school degree. My research, based on Census data and other government sources, shows these “low skill immigrant” households receive, on average, $30,160 per year in government benefits while paying $10,573 in taxes. Thus each such household costs the taxpayer $19,588 per year. Overall, the net cost to U.S. taxpayers is $89 billion per year.

Rector’s work has been lauded on the Senate floor this week. Why? Because he’s earned a reputation in Washington for reshaping the public policy debate on issues such as welfare reform and immigration. As the Politico noted on Monday, a study he produced last year dramatically changed the way senators on both sides the aisle approached the immigration debate this year.

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Unfortunately, the Journal is so focused on importing cheap labor that it has resorted to misleading its readers about the tremendous cost of low-skill immigrants.

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