War For Oil: The tinfoil

War For Oil: The tinfoil hat club and the fringe left have been foisting this silly idea that the war in Afghanistan was about oil, not Sept. 11th. The theory goes like this: Bush and company have been drooling over the idea of running a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan in order to get their massive oil reserves to market without going through Russia or Iran. So either Bush and company 1) Planned 9/11, 2) Knew about 9/11 and did nothing, or 3) Just took advantage of 9/11 so they could do what they wanted to do all along…invade Afghanistan. Most of these kooks believe that even if 9/11 wouldn’t have happened, we’d have STILL hit Afghanistan.

There are so many things wrong with this silly argument that it’s hard to know where to start. First off, absolutely no one thought the war in Afghanistan would go as well as it did. Even the optimistic people thought we had a year or two of hard fighting ahead of us and there were plenty of people who thought the US was doomed to experience a hopeless “Vietnam 2” in the mountains of Afghanistan. So the idea that we’d of invaded Afghanistan no matter what is completely ridiculous.

Furthermore, I hate to break this to the conspiracy theorists and left-wing lunatics out there but we’re not running out of oil. Consider that we have a source of oil in ANWR that could probably replace all the oil we get from Iraq for 50 years yet 46 out of a 100 US Senators don’t even see the point of drilling it. Moreover, most of the pessimistic experts out there think we have at least 50 years of oil left and there are plenty of people who think that we’ll be able to keep those SUVs running for another 100 years plus with improvements in drilling technology. That doesn’t even take into consideration the advances in technology that have been made by electric and hydrogen powered cars. 20 years from now, it’s quite likely that we’ll have non-oil fueled cars that will be able to legitimately compete in the market place.

You also have to consider that whether the oil goes through Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, etc, it still has to be sold and the best customer any oil producing nation in the world can have is the United States of America. We’re the one client every oil producing nation would like to build a strong relationship with.

Last but not least, there are some people who think the United States is afraid of a 70s style Middle Eastern boycott. That’s complete kaka. We get about 25% of our oil from Saudi Arabia and Iraq but neither nation is in strong enough economic shape to stop selling us oil long-term. Saddam can’t even feed his people and Saudi Arabia’s entire economy would completely collapse after 6 months without our oil money.

To sum it all up, good things can happen when countries stabilize and become Democracies and I’d certainly be pleased if we do end up running a pipeline through Afghanistan. It would mean cheaper oil for us and more money for the Afghan people. But, the idea that we hit Afghanistan for oil is as laughable and ridiculous as suggesting we hit Japan after Pearl Harbor so we could get a cheap source of electronics and economy cars. It’s just silly on the face of it.

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