War, Peace & Cable TV By Ron Marr

War, Peace & Cable TV By Ron Marr: If you seek evidence of the degradation of common sense in America, you need look no further than the reactions currently pouring forth from certain segments of the general public and virtually all of the talking heads on TV. At the time of this writing, though we have barely been at war for a week, a hue and cry can be heard from those whose perception of time has somehow been warped by an all-pervasive media.

“When will this war be over,” they moan. “Why haven’t we won yet?”

The answer is simple. It will be over when it’s over. The reason we haven’t yet won is because we’ve been in it for less than a week. However, listen to the press darlings and you would think we were in year 57 of the 100 years war. Our troops achieved an amazing success in the speed with which they moved toward Baghdad – probably unprecedented in military history – and yet our TV nation is wringing it’s hands over the prospect of a “long” war. (Cont)

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