Ward Churchill Finally Gets What He Deserves

Well, well, well — it took long enough, but look who finally reaped what he sowed years after the fact,

“The University of Colorado Board of Regents voted to fire Ward Churchill on Tuesday evening, prompting the promise of a lawsuit from the embattled professor.

The Board of Regents passed a motion to accept the recommendation from CU President Hank Brown to fire Churchill from his position in the Ethnic Studies department.

The measure passed with an 8 to 1 vote. The vote was made just after 5:30 p.m. and Cindy Carlisle was the dissenting vote. The move came after academic committees found in 2006 that Churchill was guilty of academic misconduct, including plagiarism.

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The board’s decision came more than an hour after it was initially expected. It is unclear what caused the delay.

Immediately after the decision was announced people in the crowd booed and some swore at the board members.

Churchill and his supporters then participated in a Native American ceremony outside of the building.

…Churchill touched off a firestorm in 2005 after an essay surfaced which he wrote shortly after 9/11 likening some victims in the World Trade Center to Adolf Eichmann, who helped carry out the Holocaust.

University officials concluded he could not be fired for his comments because they were protected by the First Amendment, but they launched an investigation into allegations that he fabricated or falsified his research and plagiarized the work of others.

In 2006, a university committee found Churchill guilty of academic misconduct, including plagiarism and a faculty panel recommended he be demoted and suspended for a year without pay. In May, CU President Hank Brown recommended Churchill be fired.

Both Brown and Hayes said on Tuesday the board’s discussion on Tuesday did not touch on Churchill’s comments on 9/11.”

The irony here is that Churchill didn’t get fired for his 9/11 comments and never would have been. That’s what happens when universities become infected with liberal thinking that puts a higher priority on catering to professors than educating students.

Yes, Churchill did deserve to be fired for plagiarism and falsifying his research, but anyone who compares, “victims in the World Trade Center to Adolf Eichmann, who helped carry out the Holocaust” is unfit to be teaching students and yet he got a complete pass for that.

People with those sort of radical beliefs are unfit to teach and although it is great that they got rid of Churchill, it’s too bad that his 9/11 remarks didn’t play a part in it.

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