Was John Kerry Present At A VVAW Vote On Whether To Assassinate US Senators?

As per usual, the same mainstream press that spent weeks obsessing over the flimsy & bogus charges that George Bush was “AWOL” from the National Guard has for the most given John Kerry a free ride on his Vietnam protestor days. But there’s a story percolating on the right side of the net about Kerry’s last days in the Vietnam Veterans Against the War that is so big that I don’t think the liberal press will be able to continue to ignore it for much longer.

It seems that back in mid-November of 1971, the VVAW actually sat down and had a vote on whether to — get this — ASSASSINATE US SENATORS. Fortunately, this group of soldiers voted against slaughtering members of Congress.

Interestingly enough, it looks increasingly likely that John Kerry — despite his denials — attended these meetings, voted against murdering the Senators in question, and then quit the VVAW without informing anyone of what happened.

According to Thomas H. Lipscomb, 2 members of the VVAW, Randy Barnes & Terry Du-Bose, both said Kerry was present at the meeting. Barnes said Kerry resigned after voting against the plot which was described by VVAW member of Scott Camil as follows…

“My plan was that, on the last day we would go into the [congressional] offices we would schedule the most hardcore hawks for last — and we would shoot them all. I was serious.”

Furthermore, “Vietnam War historian and supporter of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry,” Gerald Nicosia, has actually provided FBI files to CNSNews that show Kerry was at the meeting…

“Kerry was at the meeting, Nicosia insisted, pointing to FBI files and the minutes from the VVAW meeting, which he has obtained. “The minutes of the meeting — November 12th through the 15th — it’s got John Kerry there, it’s got John Kerry resigning there on the third day,” Nicosia said.

Nicosia provided CNSNews.com with a copy of the FBI’s redacted files of that November 1971 VVAW meeting. The files refer to the fact that Kerry had “resigned for ‘personal reasons.'”

Folks, there are a lot of questions about this issue that need to be explored in detail by the mainstream press. For example…

— Did Kerry attend that meeting or not?
— If Kerry was there, why have his spokesmen denied he was present?
— If he attended, why didn’t he inform the authorities that his group had considered assassinating US Senators?
— Did the VVAW vote on other assassination plots while Kerry was a leader or member of the organization?
— What were the vote totals?
— If Kerry attended, what did he say in the meetings?

This is serious issue and not something that should be just shrugged off because it happened 30 years ago. If a man who is running for the Presidency was part of a group that seriously considered assassinating US Government officials, that’s something voters absolutely should know about before they decide which candidate they’re going to back in November.

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