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Outraged Democrats initiated impeachment proceedings today aimed at ousting Republican President George W. Bush from office, following the Administration’s failure to prevent the destruction of Israel by nuclear weapons.

Israel’s destruction yesterday by Iran was accomplished by the use of five nuclear weapons, one in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, Jerusalem and Nazareth. It was timed to coincide with the start of Ramadan celebrations.

The mood on the Arab street was generally upbeat with only minor celebratory gunfire and bombings, but some voiced concerns that it was a Jewish plot to anger the West at the Arab world.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voiced outrage at President Bush. According to Senator Reid, “we knew this was coming for years. President Ahmadenijad told us as much, and what did the Pentagon do about it? Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi commented favorably on the bipartisan effort behind the impeachment proceedings. “While I’m sad to say Republicans did nothing about Iran for years, they are at least on board with these proceedings, which is as it should be.” Speaker Pelosi continued, noting the horrible death toll, “the three or four million Jewish people of Israel, not to mention countless Arab and Christian Israelis, perhaps another three million, have been destroyed in a new Holocaust. And what did George Bush do to stop it? Nothing.”

The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the Hon. John Conyers, stated that he already had impeachment papers drawn up for just such an emergency, and that it would not take long to get Bush “and that pacifist imp, Cheney” impeached. Conyers predicted that following the House preceedings, the Senate would convict within a matter of days. He added that Congress would install Speaker Pelosi as President shortly thereafter, as is proper under her role as third in line to the Presidency.

Senator Chuck Shumer, an impassioned advocate for Israel during three terms in the Senate, said he was “shuddering with rage that this Second Holocaust would occur on our watch. It is inexcusable what this White House has allowed to happen, and the President must be made to pay. It is our fault.”

Washington hand Jim Baker was circumspect and appeared almost happy, saying “I feel vindicated by this. The criticism that cut us to the core in the Iraq Study Group was the argument from certain neo-con quarters saying we should get tough with Iran. In the Study Group, we all knew that we needed to talk to Iran, to negotiate with them, to find some concessions we could make. That this happened, proves we were right, and proves I have been right all along.” Baker predicted “a long golden age of peace and prosperity” in the Middle East, “now that the Zionist project” is gone.

Not all voices were in agreement. Senator Joe Lieberman (R-Conn) argued that “the White House tried to confront this threat, but we thwarted them at every turn and made sure that the necessary public support to do so, would not be in place. It is our fault as surely as it is President Ahmadinejad’s.”


Of course “be prepared” is not what the Democrats are saying today.

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