Watching The Left Eat Itself At The Daily Kos

Check out this ACLU ad running at the Daily Kos,


It’s nifty to watch the ACLU hammer on Pelosi and Reid for supporting a popular and practical measure to fight terrorism, isn’t it? Either the two of them prove to be every bit as suicidal with our security as Republicans think they are or their completely unreasonable liberal base will foam at the mouth and attack them (and let me tell you, the ACLU must be furious, because running an ad like this at the Daily Kos isn’t cheap.)

Then there is this RECOMMENDED DIARY called, I will not vote for Hillary in the General Election. Here’s an excerpt,

“I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. No matter what. I’m trying the idea on for size anyway and really it feels pretty good.

…The point is that the Democratic party is a brand. Brands don’t have inherent value. The only way a brand can have value is if it stands for something. If we want people to trust our brand we need to protect it. Before you troll rate my tip jar, think of this. The purpose of this site is to help democrats get elected. Democrats. That’s plural. Not democrat. The only way people are going to buy our brand and vote for democrats is if it stands for a quality product that we believe in. Anything that weakens that brand decreases the chance that people will buy it again in the future. If helping elect one democrat one time decreases the number of democrats likely to be elected in the future, that’s a net loss. That’s not helping elect democrats. That’s helping destroy a brand.”

You know what this reminds me of? The Republican base in the 2006 cycle, except the lefties are already a little angrier, a little earlier in the cycle. This may be a very good sign for the GOP in 2008.

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