We Don’t Want To Impeach Bush! Double Pinky Swear!

The focus group data on impeachment must be really bad, because one of the biggest advocates of impeachment in the House, John Conyers, has written a weaselly column that tries to convince people that the Democrats aren’t going to push impeachment at every opportunity if they get back into power. Here’s a sample:

“As Republicans have become increasingly nervous about whether they will be able to maintain control of the House in the midterm elections, they have resorted to the straw-man strategy of identifying a parade of horrors to come if Democrats gain the majority. Among these is the assertion that I, as the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, would immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

…(R)ather than seeking impeachment, I have chosen to propose comprehensive oversight of these alleged abuses. The oversight I have suggested would be performed by a select committee made up equally of Democrats and Republicans and chosen by the House speaker and the minority leader.

The committee’s job would be to obtain answers — finally. At the end of the process, if — and only if — the select committee, acting on a bipartisan basis, finds evidence of potentially impeachable offenses, it would forward that information to the Judiciary Committee.”

What he really means here is that they won’t start the impeachment hearings the moment they get into power. Instead, they’ll do some partisan investigations first — and then trump up whatever charges they think have the best chance of succeeding.

After all, it’s not as if Conyers has been making any secret of his desire to impeach Bush.

Conyers sponsored H. Res. 635 which is all about looking for grounds for impeachment.

Remember the bizarre mock impeachment inquiry over the Iraq war” that Conyers presided over last year?

Then there was the time back in 2003 when John Conyers put together “two-dozen prominent liberal attorneys and legal scholars on Tuesday to mull over articles of impeachment drafted against President Bush by activists seeking to block military action against Saddam Hussein.”

But, here’s the funniest one, folks. If you look at the cached version of Conyers’ website, he openly mentions impeaching Bush:

But, now that the heat is on and the Democrats have decided that it’s bad politics to talk about impeachment, here’s what the same page looks like today:

These guys are so duplicitous. Liberals have been chomping at the bit to impeach Bush for years and if they get the opportunity, they’ll do it — if only so that they can try to get payback for Clinton. So why can’t Conyers, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats stop trying to hide their agenda and admit that they’ll try to impeach the President if they get back into power? It’s a central part of what they want to do if they get Congress back and since that’s the case and everyone who follows politics on the left and right knows it, they should have the guts, for once, to tell the American people the truth.

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