We Got Saddam!

We Got Saddam!

I don’t normally post on Sundays, but in this case I’ll make a short, triumphant, exception…

We got Saddam, hey…we got Saddam, hey…we got Saddam, hey! This is fantastic news for our troops overseas, for the Iraqi people, and for all Americans!

Furthermore, I just can’t wait to catalogue the gloomy “this means nothing,” “this is a conspiracy,” & “we got Saddam, but…,” reactions from people on the left who are going to be upset about this because it helps Bush.

This is just too sweeeeeeeet!!!! W00t!!!

***Update #1***: I just can’t help it, I need to do another short update.

First off, Saddam’s lice are on sale on Ebay. Get ’em while they’re still wiggling (and before Ebay yanks this one =D)

Just to give you a little preview of what I’m going to be talking about tomorrow, here are just some of the thread titles that are currently up at the Democratic Underground…

I Really Am Suprised So Many DUers Are Cheering Today’s News
Like all his other moves, capturing Saddam will backfire on Bush..
Bush will win Big in 2004 – There Is No Longer Any Hope For Us
Are you glad Hussein has been captured? Gut reactions here.
The capture of Saddam is all fine and good, but

and to top it all off, a DU poem called

Why saddam now? Roves as easy to read as Dr. Seuss….”

“It was a sad season in Chimpville. No news out congress. They’d all gone away. Bush down in Crawford with nothing to say. Nothing on TV but dems in a rage. Bad news from Iraq on every front page.

“Oh no,” said the Chimp “Oh what will I do? By the day after new years I’ll be below 42!”

St. RovaKKKlaus answered, “You won’t have no troubles, I’ve taken the pages from books by Here Goebbels.”

“Hoes, hoes, hoes,” says Rove aKKKlaus, “come here. Come quick! I’ve got some news that will stiffen your…”

If you want news about Saddam today, take a look at the Drudge Report, the Command Post, & Lt. Smash. They seem to be covering things pretty well.

This is a great day folks and I look forward to talking about it tomorrow.

***Update #2***: I wasn’t planning to post again, but this pic sent to me by RWN reader Gary Chapline was just too good to wait until tomorrow…

Got any ideas for a caption?

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