We Need To Be More

We Need To Be More Engaged!: We keep hearing that President Bush has to get more engaged in the Middle East or we aren’t going to get anything done. Well we had 8 years of engagement during the Clinton administration and it was a miserable failure. Here’s what “engagement” did for Israel in the Clinton administration…

– Israel somehow got snookered into allowing Arafat to move into the occupied territories where he set up a terrorist “state within a state” just as he did in Jordan and Lebanon.

– The current intifada started while Clinton was “engaged”.

– Arafat is now considered to be “indispensable” to the peace process by the whole “engagement” crowd despite the fact that he doesn’t want peace and is responsible for more deaths via terrorism than anyone except Osama Bin Laden.

You’d think that the people who support “engagement” would of wised up by now.

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