We Need To Investigate Republican And Democratic Involvement In Foleygate

Good for Jack Kingston:

“Today, I sent letters to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Rahm Emanuel and DNC Chairman Rahm Emanuel requesting that they also come before the House Ethics Committee in regards to what they or their staff might have known about Mark Foley and his activities. The letters were also signed by 10 of my fellow Members.

This sad episode should not be a partisan issue. It reflects poorly on the Congress as a whole and weakens the trust of the American people. In order to restore that trust we must complete this investigation in a thorough and non-partisan fashion. All Members of the House, our staff, and members of the public regardless of political party should come forward and provide whatever information they know. We need to get to the bottom of who knew about Mr. Foley’s inexcusable actions, when did they know about it, when did they first become aware of the Instant Messages in question, and what did they do with that information. As Republicans we expect, and so far have seen, nothing less from our Leaders and today we are asking for the same full cooperation from Democratic Leaders.”

Many people have said that if Dennis Hastert had clear evidence that alerted him to Foley’s attempt to seduce pages and covered it up or did nothing, he should step down from his leadership position. I agree, although up to this point, we’ve seen no evidence that was the case.

However, on the other hand, if it were to turn out that members of the Democratic Leadership knew about these emails for months and endangered the welfare of the pages by holding the transcripts of the IMS until they could get maximum political impact out of them, then they should be asked to resign from their leadership positions as well.

So, by all means, let’s have a thorough investigation and let the cards fall where they may.

Update #1: From Ann Coulter:

“…(I) just love watching the Democrats go to battle against sodomy. I’ve never seen them engage in such gay-bashing. I think we need to get it in writing, though. I gather if, if House Republicans should have been wiretapping a gay guy who was overly friendly with, with pages, this is going to rule out gay schoolteachers. Um, and I guess we can finally get them on board for not allowing scoutmasters to take 14-year-olds in the woods if they’re gay. Um, but I think we need to get it in writing right now.”

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