We Want The Praise, But

We Want The Praise, But Not The Bill: The McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill was an abomination that I still can’t believe President Bush signed. It was a lousy, unconstitutional bill, that really didn’t do anything but change where the money in politics was going too. Yet we were told this bill was going to “clean up Washington” and “get the money” out of politics. Yes, the American public wasn’t going to have to worry about politicians being influenced by those evil “special interest groups” (i.e. groups of voters trying to get their interests represented) anymore.

But now we have the Democrats saying that McCain-Feingold didn’t go far enough. Therefore, we need to charge broadcasters a fee (tax) to pay for free air time for politicians. Here’s an explanation of what the new legislation would do…

“It would also offer national parties “block grants” of vouchers in each two-year election cycle to help pay for advertising for candidates who need the money most. The proposal would in turn eliminate an existing law that requires broadcasters to offer lower advertising rates to political candidates.

Broadcasters would also be required to set aside at least two hours a week – on or immediately around prime time in the six weeks before an election – to some sort of campaign coverage.”

So bascially McCain and the rest of the Democrats demanded that soft money used for advertising be taken away from the political parties. Now, instead of living with the consequences of their actions, they’re insisting that they receive free air time to compensate for their decision not to take soft money. It’s the same old story, the Democrats (McCain included) want all the public praise and adulation for the legislation they push, but they always want someone else to pick up the gigantic check for it.

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