Wealth Is A Less Important Factor In Politics Than You Might Think

As I read through the comments section of the “The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: American Arrogance” post, I ran across the following comment by lauraw…

“I was talking to my mother today- an apolitical person if there ever was one (though she had a brief flirtation with Ross Perot when he was in the mix)- and I said something like, “Boy this is going to be a real vicious year in politics isnt it?”

She just flicked her hand in the air and said, “Eh.”

“Hon, it’s all just rich people fighting among themselves. We don’t have anything to do with it anymore.”

I am about as conservative as they get. I always believed the power was in citizens’ hands and that is why we should be aware and involved. But I was quiet for about half an hour after she said that to me.

Look at all our elected officials, regardless of party. Nearly all children of privelege.

What does it matter what DU’ers say? Or what we say?”

Aw Lauraw, Lauraw, you’re looking at it this the wrong way. Sure, a lot of our most prominent politicians are from rich and privileged backgrounds and if they weren’t rich and & privileged before the got into politics, they will be after they get out of office and start taking lobbying jobs.

But, so what if they’re rich? Ideology, not wealth, is the important factor here. For example, George Soros and Richard Mellon Scaife may both be filthy rich, but they have diametrically opposed agendas. To conclude that, “Oh, they’re both rich, so what does it matter” misses the point.

Furthermore, you have to remember that groups of ordinary people who band together to promote their agendas, groups like the National Rifle Association or the AARP, have incredible clout, much more than men like Soros or Scaife, not only because of their dues money, but because they can deliver their members to the polls.

Last but not least, remember that even men as rich and powerful as George Bush & John Kerry live in MORTAL TERROR of offending Americans of modest means just like you and me. All their wealth, all their power, means precisely jack diddly squat unless they can convince the voters that they’re the candidate who can best serve their interests so they jerk around puppets on a string in order to please us. Remember that Lauraw and keep your chin up…

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