Weekly Advertising Bleg

Since I’m blogging full-time, making sure my advertisers are taken care of is more important than ever.

Why if all of these advertisers became unhappy with RWN and stopped buying ads, I’d have to go get another job. What would the MSM write then, eh? Maybe something like…

“Blogging doesn’t pay for advertisers because readers are too lazy to click on ads.”

or maybe just…

“Capitalism Fails! Were the Communists right?”

Is that the headline you want to allow the New York Times to write? Huh, is it? Then you know what to do…

Conservative Match
Crowe Store
Freedom Stone T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
Iraqi Truth Project
The Nose On Your Face
Michael Moore Hates America
Nine-Eleven T-Shirts
Place A Bet On Iraq
RightTalk Online Radio
Right-Wing Stuff

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