Weekly World News Scoop: Hillary’s Veep Will Be Bigfoot

The print edition of the Weekly World News has once again scooped everybody with the news that Bigfoot will be Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2008. They even have pics:

Now, I know what most of you are thinking after seeing that pic. Probably, something like, “Bigfoot is standing directly behind Hillary Clinton and he’s not wearing any pants!”

True, that is disturbing, but remember that we’re talking about a political amateur here who has never run for office before. That also explains the flag pin. I mean hasn’t someone explained to the big guy that spontaneous displays of patriotism nauseate a significant percentage of the liberal base? Well, he’ll figure it out eventually.

PS: Breaking news: The Loch Ness monster has just set up an exploratory committee and is planning on running for the Republican nomination. His first comment to the press? “Well, after Ron Paul jumped in, I figure why not me? I have a better shot of getting elected than that guy!”

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