Welcome To The Democratic Underground!:

Welcome To The Democratic Underground!: While it’s true that we here at Right Wing News do try to present the news from a Conservative perspective, I do think it’s important to try to be fair and balanced every once and a while. That’s why I’m putting up some of the nuttier posts from the Democratic Underground Forums. Enjoy the kookiness…

Sterling: The Bush gangs profiteering is a nice side benifit for the Chimp. So is the fact we are fighting a holy war, many of the wingers like Ralph Reed are so happy we can finally get to put those heathens in their place. There are so many factors playing into the motive that once you understand them all you are convinced. The comming war in Iraq is a factor as well. The Rupubes never expected to lose to the big dog. They assumed they would get the chance to finish what they started in Iraq during the second term of Bush 1. For that matter they never expected that Sadam would surrender so fast. They assumed they would be going all the way to Bagdad and handing over Iraqs oil to the fine people at unocal. Has anyone ever wondered why Bush sent us into Somalia as a lame duck on a humanitarian mission? And why Osama’s boys were there training the Somalis? Or why following desert storm OBL decided to become the enemy of the same people that prop up his family in SA and funded his Jihad in Afghanistan for 10 years?

If you put the pieces together it all makes sense. OBL was origonally intended to be a antagonist to the Clinton admin. in order to ensure a right wing victory in 96 and then in 98. When Clinton was smart enough to get us the hell out of Somalia the plan was foiled. The plan then became a search and destroy mission on Bill Clinton’s penis.After the 2000 coup the straw man OBL was dragged out again to perpetrate an act on the US that would give us the latitude to start our perma war on terra.”

Mr_SmokesTooMuch: “but they should have known when events started on 911 that was what was going on. So yes, I have no doubt that they let the WTC happen, Flt 77 couldnt be allowed to land even if passengers had taken it back, I even think maybe they used one of them fancy laser guided bombs they always show us on TV to hit the pentagon with for good measure. Question is: Do you think people that would steal an election, and allow stuff like this to happen (not even mentioning anthrax, patriot act, etc) is going to let us take it all away from them by “voting”? I sure don’t.”

Ewing2001: “The main purpose for a setup of 911 was money and pushing the next new economy and some old ones: Oil, Gas, Weapons, Drugs (Opium/Afghanistan), Surveillance Technology and BioTechnology. The other effects are obvious. A rearrangement, which you can also describe as a “new world order” (new biz partners China, Russia, etc.., War against Iraq), mindering civil rights, increase military structures, restructuring the IRS etc..I don’t concentrate much on Bush or Cheney, who both might had prior knowledge too (Bush since August 2001, Cheney maybe a long time before), but they are only puppets. They had however nothing to do with it. I compiled once a list of people who i can imagine, planned the attack. On the top of this list is: Richard Perle, Richard Armitage, James Woolsey, Paul Wolfowitz. The rest are CIA agents, a few Pentagon members, ISI-agents, maybe one mole in the FAA (but there is no need). Robert Zoellick (no prior knowledge) organised for one year new business structures around the world, which worked out immediately after the attack. He had a few helping hands: Christina Rocca (Ex-CIA), Karl Inderfurth and other names which you can find on my forum. You can speculate about some insider knowledge at the CDC and FEMA as well, but i came even to the conclusion, that they need not to be involved.”

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