Wesley Clark Continues His Blasts At McCain

To start off, as many of you have already read, Obama threw Wes Clark, if not under the bus, at least into the bumper

“As he’s said many times before, Senator Obama honors and respects Senator McCain’s service, and of course he rejects yesterday’s statement by General Clark,” said Obama campaign spokeman Bill Burton.

Is this what the Hope ‘n Change xPress will bring us throughout the campaign? Some Obama supporter comes out, says something nasty, gets the talking point out there for all to see, then Obama, who really needs to wash the blood and gore off his bus at this time, runs them over, then reaps the benefit of the nastiness while attempting to keep his hands clean? Democrats do not seem to want to blame Obama at all, yet blamed Bush for the actions of a few low level military members at a prison in Iraq.

But Clark won’t back down (Politico)

There are many important issues in this Presidential election, clearly one of the most important issues is national security and keeping the American people safe. In my opinion, protecting the American people is the most important duty of our next President. I have made comments in the past about John McCain’s service and I want to reiterate them in order be crystal clear. As I have said before I honor John McCain’s service as a prisoner of war and a Vietnam Veteran. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in Armed Forces as a prisoner of war. I would never dishonor the service of someone who chose to wear the uniform for our nation.

John McCain is running his campaign on his experience and how his experience would benefit him and our nation as President. That experience shows courage and commitment to our country – but it doesn’t include executive experience wrestling with national policy or go-to-war decisions. And in this area his judgment has been flawed – he not only supported going into a war we didn’t have to fight in Iraq, but has time and again undervalued other, non-military elements of national power that must be used effectively to protect America But as an American and former military officer I will not back down if I believe someone doesn’t have sound judgment when it comes to our nation’s most critical issues.

Now, let’s look seriously at the issue. Does being in the military and being a POW give McCain “executive ability?” No. Not by itself. He sure doesn’t have the experience like some others who almost started World War III with the Russians. But, you add that to his long service in government, and it certainly gives him a hell of a lot more then Senator Neophyte, who, according to Wes Clark, is not ready, because he has no experience wrestling with national policy or go-to-war decisions. Funny how that works, eh?

Now, as pointed out in the comments, the Democrats thought John Kerry’s 4 months in Vietnam was enough to give him executive ability. But McCain’s doesn’t. What I want in a president is someone who will lead, who has vision, knows how to work with others, and looks mostly toward what is best for the people, not what they think is best for the people.

UpdateBob Dole blasts Sir Wesley

 Dole, the 1996 Republican presidential nominee, said that Clark’s statement was “beyond comprehension” and his “absurd remarks signal further erosion in our nation’s political discourse. He should have stayed in bed Sunday morning.

“It’s unfortunate that a former general who ran for the presidency on his own war record thinks it appropriate to attack a distinguished veteran and former prisoner-of-war in this way. Sen. McCain’s entire life has been devoted to public service. His achievement and experience constitute unparalleled qualification for America’s highest office.”

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