What Does This Necklace Say About The Woman Wearing It?

My buddy Amanda Carpenter came across this “feminist pendant”…

That’s not exactly a, “Wow, that looks so pretty I want to hang it around my neck” pendant, right? You are definitely trying to send a message when you wear it. But, what message?

On the page that displays the jewelry, it says,

“Wear your hanger necklace and support reproductive rights and let everyone know how important choice really is.”

Seriously, is that the best way to get that message across? Somehow, the first thing that came to mind after seeing that necklace was the old Chris Rock bit on dating,

“I love going to abortion rallies to pick up women, cause you know they’re f*****’. You ain’t gonna find a bunch of virgins at the abortion rally.” — Chris Rock

I really get that vibe off of it. You know, “Yes, I do have sex on the first date, but no worries, if you get me pregnant, I will abort the baby. It’ll be my ninth abortion in 2 years.”

Alternately, I guess I could also see it projecting kind of a, “I sure do luv it when babies die” vibe or maybe even, “I make a living down at the clothes hanger plant, hand foldin’ clothes hangers.”

Of course, the sort of person who would wear something like that around her neck probably isn’t thinking much about the reaction a conservative guy would have to it anyway, so no big deal I suppose.

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