What Has Mel Martinez Been Doing For The Republican Party?

Back in November of last year, I, along with many other conservatives, questioned the wisdom of putting a part-timer like Mel Martinez in charge of the RNC. Here’s what I wrote back then,

“Then there’s the RNC, where Ken Mehlman, who was an excellent RNC Chairman, is being replaced by sitting Senator Mel Martinez and a RNC staffer. After the drubbing the Republican Party just took, does it really make sense to replace an effective RNC Chairman with a pro-amnesty, part-timer like Mel Martinez?”

Interesting question: when was the last time you heard from Mel Martinez? It’s like the guy became RNC Chairman and then crawled into a hole. Moreover, things aren’t running smoothly over there either. How long has their superb eCampaign director, Patrick Ruffini, been gone? More than three months and they still haven’t replaced him yet.

So, if you’re looking for evidence that the skeptics about Martinez were wrong, there sure doesn’t seem to be any so far.

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