What I Was Listening To In The First Quarter Of 2007

In the past, to inspire people to suggest new music that I might be interested in and just for entertainment’s sake, I’ve posted the music I was currently listening to on RWN. Now, thanks to wonders of modern technology, I can tell you which songs I listened to the most over the last three months.

Here’s the list for the first three months for 2007…

14) Johnny Cash: The Man Comes Around
14) Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Scooby Snacks
14) Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain
14) Cypress Hill: Cock the Hammer
14) Chamillionaire: Ridin’ Dirty
11) Will Smith: Party Starter
11) T. Pain & Kandi G: U and Dat
11) Toto: Africa
10) Hank Williams Jr.: County Boy Can Survive
9) Rage Against the Machine: Bulls On Parade
8) Brooks and Dunn: Hill Billy Deluxe
6) Nujabes: Battle Cry
6) Gin Blossoms: Hey Jealousy
5) Rick Derringer: I Am a Real American
3) Weird Al Yankovic: White and Nerdy
3) Nickelback: If Everyone Cared
2) Tyler Bates: Fever Dream
1) Johnny Cash: God’s Gonna Cut You Down

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