What I Was Listening To In The Last Half Of 2006

In the past, to inspire people to suggest new music that I might be interested in and just for entertainment’s sake, I’ve posted the music I was currently listening to on RWN. Now, thanks to wonders of modern technology, I can tell you which songs I listened to the most over the last six months.

Here’s the list for the last six months of 2006…

44) Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Danny California
44) White Snake: Here I Go Again
44) Default: Wasting My Time
44) Three Days Grace: Animal I’ve Become
44) Rick Springfield: Jessie’s Girl
44) Alabama: Song of the South
44) Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Scooby Snacks
44) Beastie Boys: sabotage
44) koRN: Twisted Transistor
44) Barenaked Ladies: One Week
39) Snow Patrol: Run
39) The Fray: Over My Head
39) Johnny Quest: The Heisman
39) Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, etc: The Highwaymen
39) Neu!: Super 16
33) Coldplay: Fix You
33) Quiet Riot: Cum on Feel the Noize
33) Kid Rock: American Bad*ss
33) Cypress Hill: Cock the Hammer
33) REM: It’s the End of the World
33) Rob Zombie: Dragula
31) Rodney Adkins: If You’re Going Through Hell…
31) Blink182: This is Growing Up
24) Filter: Hey Man, Nice Shot
24) Rage Against The Machine: How I Could Just Kill A Man
24) Survivor: Burning Heart
24) Sugar Ray: Every Morning
24) Papa Roach: Last Resort
24) James Marsters: Rest In Peace
24) nWo Wolfpac: Don’t Turn Your Back On The Wolfpac
23) Smashmouth: All-Star
16) Pearl Jam: Alive
16) Disturbed: Down With the Sickness
16) Russell Watson: Faith of the Heart
16) Survivor: Eye of the Tiger
16) Johnny Cash: Hurt
16) Billy Idol: Dancin’ With Myself
16) Elton John: Still Standin’
15) Papa Roach: Scars
14) DMX: Bring Your Whole Crew
11) Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama
11) Seether: Out of My Way
11) Fall Out Boy: Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging
9) Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind
9) Rob Zombie: Never Gonna Stop
8) Rammstein: Reise Reise
7) Stefy: Love You to Death
5) Dynamite Hack: Gin & Juice
5) Saliva: Click Click Boom
4) Gary Jules: Mad World
3) John Cena: Bad, Bad Man
2) T. Pain & Kandi G: U and Dat
1) Will Smith: Party Starter

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