What Ideas Are Important To Conservatives?

Via my buddy and co-bloger Melissa Clouthier, here’s Megan Mcardle,

Are conservatives out of ideas?

Liberals got made when this question was asked about them four years ago. But I’ll admit it–in my opinion, the conservatarian coalition is basically out of ammo. A basic commitment to free markets was enough to hold the coalition together through communism and into the current decade. But “tax cuts are awesome” is not the universal solution to every problem, and moreover, they’re totally unaffordable thanks to entitlements. (Obama’s plans are totally unaffordable too, for the same reason, but that’s a rant for another day).

I don’t think conservatives are out of ideas because there are lots of great ideas floating around, but I do think we’re weirdly complacent about being out of power, don’t trust the Republican Party, and are far too focused on pushing a Reagan era political agenda instead of using Reagan’s principles to craft an agenda that will work for us today.

But, rather than just post a 10-20 item agenda that I think would work for us, I’d like to go in a different direction.

Here’s a poll featuring some different issues and I’d like to see which ones are most important to RWN’s readers.

Although all of these may be important issues to you, what’s the issue that you currently put the highest priority on?
Cleaning up the environment.
Cutting entitlement spending.
Cutting taxes.
Eliminating earmarks.
Eradicating Al-Qaeda.
Improving ethics in DC.
Improving education
Preventing manmade global warming.
Putting in originalist Supreme Court Justices.
Reducing gas costs.
Reducing health care costs.
Recucing regulations on business.
Securing gun rights
Securing the border & no amnesty.
Securing the border with amnesty.
Term limits
Winning in Iraq.
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