What Is Britain Teaching It’s

What Is Britain Teaching It’s Children?: I can hardly believe the results of a poll that asks how young Brits feel about their country…

“Two out of every three young Britons feel ashamed of their nationality, in part because of violence and hooliganism, according to a magazine survey published on Thursday. …Over 83 percent of youngsters want to quit the country…”

They want to “quit the country” and go where; Saudi Arabia, Zaire, Argentina? This is what happens when you get left-wingers pushing multiculturalism, moral equivalence, and telling these kids patriotism is bad day in an day out. You get a bunch of brainwashed kids, living in one best countries in the world, who have no idea how good they have it. These people are ashamed of “violence and hooliganism?” Hey, go to Somalia or Sudan and you’ll see levels of “violence and hooliganism” you never imagined.

Furthermore, how about taking a little pride in British accomplishments? If Winston Churchill and the grandfathers of the people taking this survey wouldn’t have put up a fight, all of Europe would of been pinned beneath a German boot before Russia or the US could of gotten into the War. Isn’t that a reason to be proud to live in Britain? Just think about how many exceptional Brits have come up through the ages; Winston Churchill, The Beatles, Margaret Thatcher, The Duke of Wellington, Henry VIII, Shakespeare, Montgomery, Oliver Cromwell, Queen Elizabeth, and many, many, others. Come on Britain, it’s ok to show a little pride in your nation’s accomplishments…

I found a link to this article on File 13’s Amish Tech Support.

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