What Liberals Really Think, Once Again, Courtesy Of The Smirking Chimp

The Smirking Chimp has become one of my favorite little windows into the mind of the liberals because unlike a lot of other blogs, their writers don’t hide what they think. Sure, they’re repugnant people, but at least their openness is refreshing.

With that mind, enjoy these quotes and excerpts from the posts on the first page of the Smirking Chimp. Keep in mind that everything you’re about to read comes from the actual content at the Smirking Chimp, not from the commenters. So, the sort of sentiment you’re about to read below is what helps them build their big, liberal audience.

“Forty years ago, demonstrations against an equivalently unpopular war were routine. Students took over college campuses; marchers filled the streets of our cities. The most radical antiwar activists bombed ROTC and other military offices. Why are we so docile now?

…scattered throughout the history of the 1980s and 1990s are episodes that prove the effectiveness of street activism. Members of ACT-UP staged guerilla actions, such as sneaking onto the set of an evening new broadcast to shame the Reagan Administration for its unwillingness to fund AIDS research. Animal rights activists threw paint on women who wore fur coats; wearing a mink stole has become less publicly acceptable than a bin Laden T-shirt. Anti-globalization protesters brought business at the Seattle confab of the World Trade Organization to a halt, terrorizing the pro-corporatization outfit’s delegates merely by breaking a few windows at Starbucks.

…It should be noted that politicians also ignored demonstrations during the heyday of the 20th century protest movement. To be sure, many whites were moved to support equal rights by news accounts of peaceful marches led by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. But many more were shaken by the violent uprisings that set cities from Newark to Watts ablaze after his assassination. The economic costs of the war in Vietnam played at least as much of a role in ending it as the hippies who tried to levitate the Pentagon. In the current era, the 1999 triumph against the WTO was followed by successful gatherings in other cities whose security forces were better prepared.

Taking to the streets doesn’t always get results–far from it. But it’s a lot more likely to work than what we’ve got now: politics as spectator sport.” — Ted Rall

“Now is the time for all Americans to act, and to demand that our Congressional representatives step up to their responsibility and do the two things that their oaths of office require of them: End this criminal war in Iraq, and impeach this president!” — Dave Lindorff

“While the U.S. media has devoted considerable time to the unruly scene at Hussein’s hanging, little has been said or written about how the world witnessed on Dec. 30 what amounted to the snuffing of a witness who could have implicated key figures around George W. Bush, possibly including the President’s father.” — Robert Parry

“Is the CIA counterfeiting dollars and blaming it on North Korea?” — Joshua Holland

“So this is what a dictatorship feels like. Tens of millions of Americans deliver an absolutely unequivocal message on November 7: Get our troops out of Iraq. And the Generalissimo, who cares more about his Daddy issues than he does about respecting democracy (in the U.S. or anywhere else), responds by ordering an escalation, purging the military command of anyone who disagrees, and illegally executing the guy who (supposedly) tried to kill Daddy.” — Geov Parrish

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