What Other Supreme Court Justices Will Be Retiring? The Rumor Mill…

You think the Democrats are gnashing their teeth over Sandra Day O’Connor being replaced on the Supreme Court? If this rumor being peddled by the American Spectator turns out to be true, this nomination will look like a British tea party compared to what’s coming…

“Rumors are already swirling about a possible third retirement after November. The most likely would be Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who according to former Supreme Court clerks may be in poorer health than Justice Rehnquist.”

Then there’s this rumor floated by FoxNews columnist Radley Balko:

“Here’s a wildcard for you: I have it on reasonably good authority that an unlikely retirement might be on the way, too. A Supreme Court insider told me several weeks ago that Souter may well retire. He apparently told friends and family that he has always planned to step down upon turning 65, and that he’d rather return to New Hampshire year-round than continue to spend time in D.C. He’s 65 now.”

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Of course, Rehnquist is almost universally expected to retire soon and nobody knows how much longer 85 year-old John Paul Stevens can hang in there on the court.

Boy, talk about a long 4 years for the Democrats…if the rumors turn out to be true…

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